Brand Communication Strategy
and Integrated Design


“Design” responds to corporate

The root of the word “corporation” comes from a Latin word that means “Body of People.” When the world entered the new economics system in 1930, the meaning of the word was changedaccordingly by the economic revolution. Since then we have used it to represent ownership of an organization by a large group of people or shareholders. Business became more complicated in every aspect: management, assets, profit, security, capital, etc. Organizations grew bigger in size and were divided into many work units. These complications make it necessary for organizations to have internal communication, as well as the need to communicate some matters to the public. Therefore, “design” responds to corporate’s need for communication and helps make it happen in a variety of ways.


It is once again the pride of Color Party to be entrusted by The National Legislative Assembly to design the book “The Wisdom of the Monarch: A World Leader in Sustainable Development”. This book compiles the laws supporting the Royal Initiated Projects of His Majesty King Bhumibol Adulyadej. A typography design was used for the cover, with the swirling calligraphy of letters expressing elegance and the head bust of Phra Bat Somdet Phra Maha Bhumibol Adulyadej Borommanatthabophit embossed in gold.


“When packaging becomes a seller” “When celebrity becomes a product” This piece of design aims at reflecting the real personality of Nu Dee, and presenting her true self to the public. Her positioning in the market has been designed by our creative thinker as well. We use a design which does not over present itself, for we believe that “To know a book, you must read, not just look.”


The toughest part of this project was the interpretation of the “sweet-wrapping banana leaf”, logo of TCDC. Using a design to communicate appropriately within the context of a place is quite a challenge already, but the project is made harder and our designer face more pressure because this organization is a “creative & design center.” We need to build awareness in the creative society, making the creative people understand and accept this organization within a short period of time. To be able to claim oneself as the “center of creativity,” one has to be an “extraordinary” guru.


Being “Asian” still sells in the large market like Europe. SMEs have their eyes intensely focused on this market because if their products are ordered there, success is coming closer to their hand. Being Asian is like the variety of toppings, depending on the flavor of the cake. As with EGG, it has to present its Asian charm through catalogues to catch the interest of the European market, attracting it to come closer and taste the true quality of their flavor.


Doing something different from the usual gave us the idea of using the power of visual language. The difference between idea design and informative design is that, although both carry a meaning, one is hidden in pictures and the other one in words. Design is a supporting unit in marketing. Therefore, the first important part is to make the target group “stop” and notice that picture/design, then understand the meaning behind it. Making something look distinctively different from the ordinary surrounding is the way to do that. And the brand will be known in the market faster and easier this way.


“Every Idea Has a Material Solution” Having creative economy as its goal, MCB was established to make practical use of the golden verse “Every Idea Has a Material Svolution.” Material Connexion® Bangkok is the first material library for designers in Asia with a large collection of information about interesting materials and world-class inventions. Its main objective is to provide opportunities for designers, business owners, and students to see and learn about materials used by famous designers and high-ranking companies in producing creative work, so that they are always up-to-date about the changes in the world of design materials. The equation for this design project has a big factor in the functions of the library itself. The work was like putting a whole library into a book. Furthermore, it must respond and go in line with the corporate identity of MCB which has been established for quite a period of time. A material that has just been invented by a Thai was used creatively on the book’s cover to show the big concept at the heart of their organization “Every Idea Has a Material Solution.”


The organization was founded to oversee the stock exchange and manage the complexity of investment process. Their work affects millions of people so it is very primal for them to be an effective and trustworthy organization, especially in the matter of transparency. Although transactions are done on paper, they have real impact on the society. With these conditions, designers must work in the most straight and direct way possible and build up trust in the eyes of the public as much as most, without making it look like, of course, an exaggeration.


There are not so many organizations that purely operate intangible business. The Revenue Department is one of them. In designing their brochure, we found that using numbers to create pictures was the most interesting idea. This style of design hits right at the heart of the target. Besides that, people will have fun trying to figure out the meaning of the pictures, making it a double bonus. The project was a low-budget one but our creative designers were, once again, able to create high quality work outof it.


Everyone must know this famous 60-year-old department store. Years of experience through ups and downs are reflected in their “coffee table book” which tells the story of how this organization has run its business through good and bad circumstances. The book contains stories of Central from each period of time, reflecting the philosophy that has led Central to its success. But unlike history textbooks, these stories are told in a not-so-serious tone and the book is full of fascinating colorful illustrations to please the eyes.


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