Brand Communication Strategy
and Integrated Design


Can an annual report raise the stock price?

The real intention behind annual reports is to increase the price and value of the organization both directly and indirectly. For more that 25 years, we have designed annual reports for our clients, and have gone through period of time when the stock prices fell to the lowest at 200 points and somehow soar to the highest at almost 2,000 points. We understand more than well that annual report is the only media which communicates the fact that can indeed change the level of demand and supply of the stocks. For simple questions like, what make the stocks of a company more or less wanted by the investors? what is the main factor that affects the increase and decrease of the stock prices? There is just one simple answer: the annual report. Certainly investors study annual reports before making their decisions. They look for information that shows whether the business of a company is on positive or negative trend. Therefore, this information affects the demand of stocks. This kind of fact is communicated only through the annual reports.


This is an organization that encourages creative economy and does not seeking monetary profit, so to speak. It is eager to tell the public that “we have come a long way,” or in other words, “we have done everything.” This goes in line with the corporate identity and brings about the desired corporate value that gives the organization an even clearer and stronger self-image in the eyes of the public. Thus, TCDC is able to continue its mission now with not much difficulty.


Fashion, modernness, trend, real estate, and customer of customer are put together into a design equation for CPN, a first-class company full of creativity and readiness to change. The design completely reflectsthe concept of the organization and shows its vision in investment and business expansion. Also included is the annual report that shows genuinely good governance of the company.


Innovations are what CPN has brought to today’s shopping scene. Yet, by no means do we intend to stop there. CPN strive to become the definitive source of merchandise for customers and business partners alike-in short, the shopping centers of choice.


When “Feel Good” was used as the brand promise of DTAC, it was a superb change of corporate image, a re-branding. At that time there were questions about how to design the media not directly related to marketing, and how to get the old media to understand the new identity and the new structure of the brand. All of these require a considerable amount of skills and experience. It is considered very crucial since the new understanding will eventually lead the company to the new corporate value..


We’re prepared to improve every section. To be ready for new technology. And for the future All for the best experience of our customers. From this moment on information through technology will be part of every aspect of your life and so we are ready for new technology. To continue to move forward to make your experience ever more memorable.


Being an oil refinery with five customers, thousands of employees, several hundred thousands of shareholders and facing the fact that oil is what the world today desperately needed; Thai Oil business have to operate among these huge social factors. That is why we need to find the perfect balance for such an enormous scale of communication. Every time the organization moves, it produces many effects that ripple through society at large. Because of all these factors, the designers put all their experiences and knowledge to the test in order to accomplish this work.


Constantly, Thaioil is committed to naturing its business competitiveness while stressing refining safety and stewardship of the environment. We srtive for regional excellence in the refining and petrochemical industries.


Striving to be a corporate of reliance, Thaioil defines itself simply as a machine whilst customer’s trust is its core engine that drives this very machine toward the successful future, and strengthens its stability and sustainability. The engine of trust can be measured by
- A trust in performance
- Well preparation of human resource
- A trust in goods and service
- Being socially and environmentally responsible