Brand Communication Strategy
and Integrated Design


The definition of overall integrity in the sphere of design and communication is in designing a museum and exhibition that requires experience—a task combining a diversity of design sub-categories: typography, visuals, photos, infographics, editorials, advertising, displays, events, interaction, lighting, sound video, motion, space, architecture and so many more. These stimulate our six senses to receive messages of different forms based on the integrity.


The Health Museum is a source of knowledge on sanitation established on the occasion of the 100th year anniversary of the Department of Health. The design guideline for this project was to create a linkage between the exterior and interior architect design, and the exhibition itself. It has been designed to resemble the shape of a snake’s body so as to represent the identity of the Ministry of Public Health. As for the content, it is presented according to the main topics of the Department of Health through the narration under the theme concept of “birth, old age, sickness and death” to make it easy to understand among the visitors. Also, the exhibited content is made more accessible through the media or interesting presentation methods to allow the visitors to interact with the content so as to create better understanding about good sanitation principles, self-evaluate, as well as make suggestions for other people according to the concept of health literacy.


The design of the exhibition organized by the Dental Innovation Foundation under Royal Patronage needed to display information within a limited space for maximum benefit. The exhibition is divided into three zones: Zone 1 exhibits the dental innovation projects run by the foundation, Zone 2 displays the timeline of the royal mobile dental unit and the Dental Innovation Foundation’s history from the past till present whereby information can be adjusted and added, and Zone 3 exhibits the royal dental room where the dental equipment of the late King Bhumibol is displayed. This dark room has star-shaped holes on the wall that focus on creating another dimension to the exhibition and an ambiance that complements the content of each zone so as to enhance the full understanding of knowledge on dental innovation.


The temporary exhibition on the occasion of the 55th year anniversary of Thai Oil was set up with the objective of narrating the story of Thai Oil and its history, competency and relationship with society and the environment to the general public. The exhibition is designed to be a mobile unit easy to adjust and set up to suit a limited space. The design of the structure of the exhibition is partly covered in order to attract people from outside to come in and interact with the exhibition inside.