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The Cheapest Media in the World No media stays with us ever longer than a calen- dar. It is a vehicle that carries a “message” which can be supplemented with details and divided into 12 parts. The calendar owner is reminded of that mes- sage for 365 days. Nowadays, most people still don’t realize that calendars are very powerful media, whether they are hung on the wall or sit on the desk. Calen- dars catch our eyes from time to time because we just need to look at them to find out the dates and plan our life accordingly. What come together with the days and months on a calendar are the stories or the message that finds its own way to communicate to us. Many times the message itself is one of the selling points, for people enjoy reading interested information or looking at spectacular pictures as they flip through a calendar. And there are also uncountable times that calendars carry a message from within an organization to the people outside. Therefore, a calendar today is not just a tool that tells us days and months, but is also one of the main media that organizations use to communi- cate with the society.


“Boon Rawd” or the brand that people know as “Singha” is an organization that has been with Thailand for a considerably long time. One can even say it is a symbol of Thai consuming society. Boon Rawd has been a part of many social activities, arts, cultural events, concerts and sports. Therefore, the brand is deeply rooted in Thai society and most people are definitely aware of it. One day, Boon Rawd decided to produce its own calendar to help promote Thai traditional high-skill crafts under the patronage of Her Majesty Queen Sirikit, in order to support and conserve Thai art and culture as well as promote the skill of Thai craftsmanship. The calendars were boldly published without any awkward feelings from the fact that it has nothing to practically do with the brand, instead, this message sent through them reflects the true identity of Boon Rawd Brewery.


Love Forest, Grow Forest Fifteen years ago, the One Hundred Rai Reforestation Project in Honor of His Majesty the King just made its first step. The project was created to reflect the mission of PTT in corporate social responsibility (CSR) and build the brand awareness of the organization at the same time. Today, it can be said that all who are involved with PTT are well aware of its goal and determination to devote itself to environment conservation.


Positive meaning of “morale” that encourages people to carry on with their life is transferred onto the calendar “Soo Kwan,” a work designed to reflect Thai culture and traditions.


Our National Anthem has so much value that we put it into this hanging calendar. It tells the story of the composer, the lyrics, and the melody by the art of bas relief, making this calendar so precious that collectors wouldn’t want to miss it.


Paper, sculpture, and a paper company are combined into this desk calendar that tells the story of 12 tourist attractions and amazing places from 12 countries in the world. The calendar is valuable and deserves to sit on our desk for 265 years.


“Thinking calendar” can really make you think. Anyone who carefully looks at it will remember how it began 15 years ago, during the time that advertisement still needed pictures and headlines to communicate and Siam Center was almost the only shopping mall that had all the latest fashions. The design for this project contains homonyms and homophones that play with the thoughts of the readers. It was selected to be in the Festival of Light 100 by TCDC.


Shell rebrands itself by a campaign called “the Wave of Change.” Besides having a different image, Shell also reflects its principles of ideology through key words, which clarify many issues about the new concept of the organization.


Art and culture is what we often find in a calendar. It makes us ponder about many stories and connect them to our own memory and experience that we went through, or one that scraped or crashed into us. We are confident that our work has given something back to the society.


To honor His Majesty the King Rama 9, the commemorative coins are used as main element of this calendar; representing each month the royal projects to His Majesty the King, of which were tenderly painted in water color. The 12 painted imageries of the king’s highly deeds and the coins crafted in remembrance of His Majesty’s grace; can be set together, forming the greater poster elegantly.


MBK Group was determined to provide everyone with happiness and unlimited smiles.
8 groups of business have created sheer experience, and were more than ready
to share endless joy for each and every life.


Environmental issues cannot be solved by one person. Sharing the knowledge about it through the lovely pictures on the calendar of the Union Bank can be a good way to help keep the balance in nature.


Life is full of transient moments. Only the most exceptional have the ability to live forever in our hearts and minds. Do not let time place limits on your experiences. Let the journey continue.


Pen-Ek Ratanaruang (National Contemporary Artist) His faith in the art of cinema made him say that movie making is a religion. The faith has always been precious to the director’s heart. We are proud that our posters are trusted to be used in promoting his films. Movie’s Face or Na Nang is a term used in Thai film industry to describe the ability of a poster to reflect the content of a film, as well as the mood or the tone of the film language. And it certainly persuades people to get to see the film.


Since “Koon” or Prabda Yoon was the script writer of this film, the critics said that the movie is what you get when two most innovative artists of Thailand, one boy and one man, work together. It is a thought-provoking film that leaves questions in the audience’s mind. The most interest thing is that ten people may get ten different answers after watching.


The title of the film consists of three distinct words that are put together in the order that their meanings appear furtively in the story. This kind of film language is new to the cinema audience in Thailand though quite familiar to international viewers. No matter what, the alternative tone of the film is well reflected in the poster.


The magic of Thai country music may have been faded a little through time, but it has never disappeared. This film tells a story of a provincial young man who journeys through life’s winding path, facing ups and downs along the way. As usual with Pen-Ek’s films, Mon Rak Transistor can make the audience laugh loudly and cry bitterly at the same time.


A love story is always said to be an easy pursuit. But love is made of those feelings failed to reason. Isn’t it true? Here is the story about the disclosure of an enigmatic love Come find out if your love will, or has ever been, expired.


The fund from Japan, the crew from the West, the director and the cast from Thailand, came together producing a comedy drama of stunning quality. “Invisible Wave” was officially selected into many famous film festivals around the world. After making this film, Pen-EK was awarded as “National Contemporary Artist.”


This is a drama film camouflaged in the form of a mysterious ghost story.
The main part of the movie poster was designed by a highly-skilled artist, so it could never look more spectacular. Nevertheless, the picture still reflects the look and feel of an indie movie.


From the all-time favourite novel written by Khun Pradit Kaljareuk, “Hong Hoon” has been made into both television and radio dramas for four times. It is one of the most talked about stories with the narrative combining both mystery and horror. For every dramatic adaptation of Hong Hoon, the plot has been developed to suit the time in which it was made. This story of the creator of human-like figures continues to fascinate the audience.


Hong Hoon was made into a radio drama in 1967 And into a TV-drama in 1976, 1989 and 2003. The latest version is that of a film in 2014.


Posters were invented 100 years ago and were at their most influential state 50 years ago. In developed countries posters are known as a powerful media that can effectively communicate to the public, especially when they were designed for theatres, concerts, or cultural events where a lot of people are gathered. It could be that such countries have appropriate places for posters to express themselves. The power of poster can also be found in politics, propaganda, tourism, boxing, etc. In business world today, posters are one of the communicating tools to build up corporate culture, for they have the influence to change the attitude of the mass and build up long-lasting corporate value.


In design society, socializing through graphic language helps you start becoming a “professional” for you will gain a good understanding about the process and result in this field of work. Today, design society has expanded into a much broader circle. There are groups like Graphic Desig n Associations that support the advancement ofdesigner’s career. For this case, the poster must clearly reflect skills and style of computer graphic people.


The 100 Posters Exhibition was praised for showing the best collection of posters ever seen. When the exhibition was organized in Thailand, our designer teamplayed the role of the good host and expressed our warm welcome. We used the contrasting picture language and words design to catch the interest of the visitors and show the diversity in the art of poster