Brand Communication Strategy
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Merit with the
distinctive work

“To work for our nation, to design for the person we love and respect, the personthat we revere highly, maybe even more than love” Our highest pride was to be able to serve Private Secretary to Her Majesty the Queen and Supplementary Occupations Programme Division. Our awareness of Her Majesty the Queen’s determination to ease the troubles of Thai people and bring happiness to them throughout the passing years gain us deep love and respect for her. Therefore, our design was created by the power of love and trust in the Queen and the gratitude to give back to her in return. Our design was highly creative a work that will forever stay in the hearts of everyone in the company.


Busabok Mala is a masterpiece from the Royal Folk Arts and Crafts Center of Chitralada Palace. It is composed of 5 beautiful types of arts: Buprestis beetle wings, golden niello ware, silver ware and gold ornaments, carved wood, and gold and silver damascene works.


“Some of the illustrations for the book “Silapa Phandin” (The Land of Arts) were unpublished but they interest and impress the people who visit our company. These illustrations include MokMun Wooden Dolls golden niello fruit basket, and silverware and gold ornaments.