Brand Communication Strategy
and Integrated Design


The equation of success

Shorter 24 hours : Today, the world is turning faster. The clock of our work life is ticking in such a high speed as if in a running race. There are more and more people who become successful overnight like Mark Zuckerberg, the Facebook founder. “The equation of success” in our modern world is made of diverse elements and that makes it more complex, like the applications on iPhone and iPad. Building “form” today is much faster and easier than in the past. However, history has somehow proved that knowing only how to create “form” is not enough and it cannot replace “function” or “content.” As for new generation of designers, they seem to be obsessed with “form.” They live and enjoy life in the express-consuming society and take rapid pleasure from what they see. While the old wave of designers, on the other hand, still take time taking pleasure in songs that are meaningful, and can still come teary when the words of a song deeply touch their hearts. What different is that the old generation designers are good at the process of design while the new generation designers are good at finding new symbols for the design. For us, design is like equations in mathematics and science. Sometimes we are given an especially long and complicated problem with so many variables, but the working time is still limited at one month. Young designers will begin working on the task right away on the next day after receiving it, but experienced designers will first collect, analyze, and synthesize information, and make conclusion.


The story of storage is various in every way, especially the storage of the working desk’s stuff. The design of this cute CD storage using ‘Felt-Like’ material that imitates the western’s popular fabric has become one of our achievements for its outstanding figure and interesting feeling when touched. *Felt is the material made by a process called wet felting with the natural fibers without weaving them to form into any shapes. Felt-Like material that we use is made by recycling polymer material like the PET bottle widely used throughout the city.


One of the methods in the thought basket for design is to cross between two principles. A product that usually has a specific function can have a totally different function as well.On the other hand, the form can differ while the function is the same. A product that comes in a pair can have contradiction in utilization.All of these create gap in the design and new things can be invented in the wondrous world of creativity.


If I was asked by the media that frequently interview designers, artists, and musicians about the things that had inspired me to create this work, I would simply answer that they are flowers and beauty in nature. They refresh me and I like this sensation.


The world of design says that people, faces, and smiles are the 3 things that can affect communication drastically and quickly. The impact is strong enough to create brand awareness. So a bottle opener that mixed the three emotions: happy, panic, and angry, can give quite an interesting mood to the person opening the bottle.


One of the techniques in product design is adding multifunctionality to the product so that it can be used for a variety of purposes.This might help increase the chance of sales as well. For example, this box bag is adequate to be used in a daily life that demands its various utilities. And for the benefit of uniqueness, there are not so many bags in the world that can be folded into a box.


The identity and substance ofall creations has its origin and destination. Personalities are formed and interrelated with one another, resulting in cultures, traditions, and trends that are passed on between generations.A production process that combines a specific personality with utility brings about this calendar, which looks like a calendar but with different personality.


A clock is one of the certain media that requires lowest budget ever, yet creates a powerful impact. Every people’s life flows through time, and a clock is there to set out the frame to every chronological activities in it. MoMA’s gift is designed to be a clock made out of notepad for daily usage on desktop, so that the customer will be able to see every day as part of a continuous brand emphasis. While part of the clock surface is the notepad, clients will continue to keep track of time and retain the memories even once the note sheets run out.


Functions do not have to follow the form. Stationery can also be decorative items on your desk. When two principles from two fields of designs are intertwining each other, the result is a product that supports creative economy.


Bathing time can be more than happy and refreshing. A good design can make people surprised with more delight based on the idea that two different things from two different places can cross each other. This logic always works in design and yet is great enough to bring success.


In computer graphic business, typography is one of the 3 major factors of graphic design. The obsession for this field of knowledge leads to new ideas that can be communicated through letters. This will spice up the atmosphere of a small summer party with cold drinks. So listen! You will hear the sound that comes with the drink and this ice tray.


When we realize how much time each day we spend on looking fora key chain that holds the keys for our house, office, car, cabinet, a box of personal treasures or memory reminders, we create this simple key chain by a simple idea to make it very convenient for everyday use. For the best of it, life should not be too complicated.


“Walk’n talk” is a little innovation created on a beach in summer time that can cool down your mood. People can’t help smiling when they see the sandy footprint and that was part of the reason why the product won an award from Type Director Club, USA.


Familiar objects can help when we don’t have enough to spend for a luxurious fancy vase. We can find a solution in the design. Something that may not look so valuable can be very precious like a simple vase and a glass, when put together, can be a smart and distinct design.


Personality of the keyboard pad and the graphic design that communicates the meaning of the functions show us that products and computer graphic are two different sciences. So it can cause a lot of confusionif the designer is not able to communicate the message of each specific function. When the equation of a design has that gap, the result is a failure, and vice versa.


A good skill that a graphic designer should possess is how to look and reduce the form without affecting the ability of the design to communicate clearly and quickly. Look for such a skill in this coin bank. Do you know what shape it has been reduced from?


There is a golden verse that says “to design is to not design”. This is a bag that follows the philosophy. A simple thing can be so extraordinary. More than one hundred thousand of these bags were sold during the past four years. It is also an environment- friendly product because it is made from recycle materials. *Fake felt is a recycled material originating from PET plastic pop- drink bottles. A 1-litre bottle is made into fibers by going through the non-woven process.


You can put things on the wall. It can be anything. It can be one thing or several things. This is a lovely design that makes you think of many other things.


This idea comes from childhood memory of playing a doll. When we spread the legs of a doll apart it gives the thrill and some kind of perky amusement. So as to say, this idea on a snack bag clip will certainly cause people a grinning smile.